American Express has a well-known slogan--membership has its privileges. In Christ's church, membership is about  participation, not perks. It's about responsibilities, not rights. Those who align themselves as members of a church are expressing a deep level of commitment to a local faith community. 

SouthField 101 is a Journey Group we offer where we explain our calling, culture, and commitments. The commitments described are the actions expected of every person who desires to be a member:

  • Make Every Sunday Count
  • Serve Like Jesus
  • Invest in Spiritual Relationships
  • Lean into Generosity
  • Cultivate a Compelling Community


We encourage those considering membership to be here for a while. What's a while? Long enough to get to know us. Relationships are not instantaneous. They take time. Attend Sunday regularly. Join a Journey Group. Try a Serve. 

While you are getting to know SouthField, take these three First Steps. Step out of anonymity by introducing yourself. Then, participate in Connect, a conversation over coffee or coke. Also, sign up for SouthField 101. It is offered several times a year.

At SouthField 101 you will be given a link to a membership application. Complete the online form and submit it. In the application you will be asked to affirm our Statement of Faith. You will also be asked if you have been baptized as a believer by immersion. If you have not yet, you can express your desire to do so here.

Once the membership application is submitted, we will arrange two appointments. The first will be with a staff member to walk through the responsibilities of members. The other will be an appointment with a couple of our overseers.