During the Week


Our phone number is 815-290-9595.


Use the SUBMIT A PRAYER REQUEST button below.

Friends at Church

We're here for each other. God never intends that we carry our burdens alone. If you are in a Journey Group, share your request with them. Phone a friend right now and ask them to pray with you..

The Prayer Chairs

We have a sacred space under the oak trees behind the church. Two Adirondack Chairs are located there, creating a quiet space to spend time talking with God. You can also wander through the quiet places at the back of our property.

While at Church

Let Someone Pray with You

After the service, head to the front communion tables. A prayer team member will spend time listening to you and will join you in lifting your burden up to God.

Prayer Station

In the noise break just outside the Worship Center, you’ll find a corner where you can write prayer requests and display them to be lifted to God on your behalf. It’s a place where you can linger and pray anytime you’re at SouthField. It’s also a place where you can encourage others by displaying answers to prayer. Stop by anytime. Take a card, write your request, and know that we’ll be praying.