First Steps

Maybe you are brand new to SouthField, or you've been around for a bit. You like what you see and are looking for something more. It's time for a deeper connection. It's time to take your first steps.

Step OUT

On Sunday we invite people to Step OUT. This is the moment one decides to move from being anonymous to being known. We look forward to meeting you after church. Names are really important. They are the first step in moving toward community.

Step IN

Maybe you wonder what SouthField is all about, or you sense that you're missing out on a level of spirituality others are experiencing. Step IN is an event that invites you to move from observer to engagement in your church and spiritual life.

Step UP

Step UP will equip you to move from an attender to an active participant. If you want to formalize your membership commitment to SouthField, this two-session group will give you all the details. Step OUT and Step UP are prerequisites for this course.