Core values

What is SouthField's vision? Does the leadership team have a five-year plan that lays out an optimal future? These are great questions. A strong business model can be helpful for a church, but a church is so much more than a business. It is a dynamic, spiritual organization listening for both the call of God and the needs of the culture. A vision for the future flows from the values we embrace. We strive to live out a set of core convictions, knowing that values drive vision. If we are faithful to be who God calls us to be, we will be ready to do anything He calls us to do.

  • It's Not About Me

    What would happen if everyone lived by this one principle? It would completely change marriages, workplaces, schools, communities. It would change Monday morning traffic! Our world is obsessed with selfies. In a narcissistic age, we are called to a different standard. Jesus was the only person who ever had the right to make the world about Him, and even He said, "It's not about me" (Mark 10:45). We believe as Jesus changes our lives, He’ll give us more grace and more of His heart to live selflessly for the sake of others.

  • Aspire to be Authentic

    Authenticity is a powerful attractor. Around our church, real is the name of the game. We have a pretty good handle on who we are. We're sinful, broken and imperfect. We're not proud of it, we just know it is true and we don't pretend to be someone or something we are not. Pretenders get pretty uncomfortable at SouthField. Authenticity is in our DNA. We can't help it. Jesus was real, and we choose to be like Him in every way.

  • Come as you are... ready to transform

    At SouthField, it’s ok to not be ok. No baggage, background, sin, habit, hang-up or circumstance can keep you from the love of Jesus, or from being loved by us. But Jesus also loves you too much to let you stay where you are, and so do we. We are far from perfect, but as His followers we are on a steady journey toward becoming more like Jesus. Life change is what we're all about. 

  • speak THIS generation’s language

    The Bible's message is timeless. The methods used to communicate God's message change constantly, and they should. Every generation speaks its own language. Whether it is the version of the Bible we use, the style of music we play, the technology we incorporate or the words we choose in communication and conversation, we do all we can to relate with clarity and simplicity. You won't hear a lot of Christianese in sermons or conversations. 

  • give our best and Give our all

    We believe wholeheartedly that "excellence honors God and inspires people." We strive to do our best and give our best. While we embrace excellence, we never want to confuse high standards with perfectionism. Perfection is an impossible and paralyzing standard, creating a critical and deflating environment. The widow's best in the Bible was two pennies. While most could have given much more, she gave all she had. That's what God wants, for everyone of us to do and give OUR best, not someone else's.