QUEST BREAKOUTS | 1st-3rd grade options


  • Sign language

    Learning to sign isn't just fun! It also improves memory, promotes creativity, and enhances spatial awareness. Try it. You'll like it! You'll even get to sign a song and play a signing game.

  • cupcake creatures

    Explore your wild side by turning ordinary cupcakes into six different ocean creatures. It's fun. It's easy. And your family's gonna love what you bring home! 

  • beat the leader

    Love competition? Then this breakout is for you! Test your skills to see if you can beat the leader in all sorts of crazy challenges like running, jumping, throwing, eating, you name it! 

  • Farm life

    Chickens, and lambs, and goats, oh my! We're bringing the farm to SouthField! See baby chicks, feed a baby lamb, milk a cow, and learn how to care for our adorable farm friends. 

  • EXPLORE 2.0

    Wanna learn how to solve crazy animal mysteries, peek at prairie life under a microscope, and preserve your forest finds forever? We're going to do all that and lots more!

  • Clay Creations

    Learn the pros' secrets to making amazing clay art. You'll surprise yourself with what you can do! You don't need to be an artist. Just be ready to have some fun!

  • Ultimate x-games

    Ultimate X-Games is a high activity, action sports breakout. Campers will go into extreme energy mode for a wide range of fun, wacked-out alternative activiies. 

  • stained glass

    Unleash your creative side learning how to make beautiful stained glass art. We'll make it really easy. You're gonna be amazed at what you can do!


    It's no secret that physical activity can help shift our focus. Join us as we learn to link fun movement with focusing on God's promises. 

  • minute to win it

    What do ping pong balls, chopsticks, balloons, and streamers have in common? They're all fair game for our hysterical challenges. If you like to laugh, this is the breakout for you!