QUEST BREAKOUTS | 1st-3rd grade options


  • Minecraft self portraits

    What do Minecraft, canvas, and acrylic paint have in common? They'll all be ready for you to create amazing Minecraft portraits. We'll have the outlines set, so you can embellish your self portrait with your own creative style.

  • Ultimate x-games

    Ultimate X-Games is a high activity, action sports breakout. Campers will go into extreme energy mode for a wide range of fun, wacked-out alternative activiies. 

  • Sign language

    Learning to sign isn't just fun! It also improves memory, promotes creativity, and enhances spatial awareness. Try it. You'll like it! You'll even get to sign a song and play a signing game.

  • Barnyard faces

    Chickens, and horses, and pigs, oh my! Decorate six cupcakes so they look like your favorite farmland friends. Then take your delicious creations home for you and your family to enjoy.


    There is so much in all that God created to touch, taste, smell, see, and hear! Experience nature hands-on. Encounter the wild world like you never have before. 

  • SCIENCE Superstars

    Ever heard of elephant toothpaste, watched chalk explode, or launched your own rocket? Well, here's your chance to do it all and see what it's like to be a legit science superstar.

  • propeller cars

    Build your own propeller car and then race your friends. Who knows, you could become a propeller car champion!

  • perfect potters

    Learn how God is the perfect potter while painting your own clay pot and planting seeds. Then take your creation home to water and care for as a reminder of how God cares for you!

  • beat the leader

    Just do it! Team up with other kids in all kinds of crazy competitions against your leader. Winning has never felt so good!

  • rock YOUR CORE

    This isn't your grandma's Pilates class! Test your flexibility and muscle endurance running Pilates relays and exploring a Pilates ninja course.