• Gym wars | 1st-3rd

    If you're the competitive thrill-seeker type, this breakout is for you. Flex your muscles during the craziest gym wars you can imagine!

  • cupcake creatures | 1st-3rd | CLOSED

    Explore your wild side by turning ordinary cupcakes into six different creatures. It's fun. It's easy. And your family's gonna love what you bring home! We're sorry! This breakout is full.

  • Farm life | 1st-3rd | CLOSED

    Chickens, and lambs, and goats, oh my! We're bringing the farm to SouthField! See baby chicks, feed a baby lamb, milk a cow, and learn how to care for our adorable farm friends. We're sorry! This breakout is full.

  • explore | 1st-3rd | CLOSED

    Come explore the outdoors with us. You'll meet new animal friends, search for treasure, and lots, lots more! We're sorry! This breakout is full.

  • Clay Creations | 1st-3rd

    Learn the pros' secrets to making amazing clay art. We promise that you'll surprise yourself with what you can do! You don't need to be an artist. Just be ready to have some fun!

  • crazy climbers | 1st-3rd | CLOSED

    Some kids were born to climb. Climb whatever. Wherever. If that describes you, you've got to give crazy climbers a try! We're sorry! This breakout is full.

  • creative crafters | 1st-3rd

    Unleash your creative side crafting something amazing. This breakout gives kids the chance to experiment, explore, and imagine in a fun and relaxed environment.

  • board game bonanza | 1st-3rd

    Unplug and go old school during our board game bonanza. Campers get to chill and play some board game favs while snacking on our own theatre style popcorn.

  • Braids, beads & Hairwraps | 4th-6th

    If you like styling hair, this breakout is for you. Our pros will bedazzle your hair and teach you tricks to inventing your own amazing hairstyles.

  • Archery Games | 4th-6th | CLOSED

    Archery isn't just fun. It builds focus, confidence, and self discipline! Our pro trainers make it easy for everyone to succeed in this all new breakout. We're sorry! This breakout is full.

  • Cricut Craze | 4th-6th

    Join the Cricut Craze! We'll help you learn how to use Cricut Design Space to create an amazing take-home project. No previous experience necessary. 

  • BB brigade | 4th-6th | CLOSED

    No, you won't shoot your eye out! But you will have tons of fun using BB guns and paint guns for target practice. We're sorry! This breakout is full.

  • tripped out tie-dye | 4th-6th | closed

    Make one of a kind treasures while learning how to have fun exploring trial and error techniques. The best part is, even if you think you messed up, you still create something stunning! We're sorry! This breakout is full.

  • Disc Golf | 4th-6th

    Try a new sport that you can play for the rest of your life! Disc golf is a super easy to learn and it's tons of fun. 

  • Farm to table | 4th - 6th | CLOSED

    Join the farm to table trend! You'll discover how food is grown and raised, gain confidence with knife skills, and learn how to follow a recipe as you prepare a delicious farm to table dish. We're sorry! This breakout is full.

  • retro giants | 4th-6th

    Retro. Classic. Old school. It doesn't matter what you call it. Playing your favorite games never gets old. But now there's a giant-sized twist!