When we start to feel at home, we sense a longing within us. We want to give back. We desire to make a meaningful contribution. One way we accomplish this is by finding a place to serve. Serving helps us to connect with others who have a similar passion. It gives us a sense of connection. Further, because we are making life better for someone else, it gives us a sense of contribution. Looking to connect and contribute? Check out the opportunities below. Clicking the title or icon will take you to a contact form where you can take a first step.

  • If you're new to SouthField and want to get connected through serving, or you think you might like serving in a ministry, but you're not sure because you've never done it before, you may want to try a SouthField Soft Serve. Soft Serve is an opportunity to shadow someone in the ministry of your choice just one time. Try it. You never know. You might like it!

  • Coffee makes people feel warm and comfortable, but it doesn't just appear on it's own. If you enjoy hospitality and are available to set up or tear down the coffee station on an occasional basis, this ministry may be a great fit for you!

  • This team does everything possible to make sure that everyone who walks through our doors hears that Jesus loves them. It all starts with a friendly face. If you love people and love to smile, then First Impressions is the place for you. From greeters, to seaters, to hosts (people who answer questions) to child check-in, we need friendly faces to join our team. These people need to be energetic and passionate about helping people feel comfortable in any setting.

  • Preparing communion is one of those unique serving opportunities that families can do together. Our teams serve for a month a couple of times a year. So the commitment is low, but the impact is high!

  • This serve can be done anywhere, anytime, as God brings a need or person to your mind. SouthFielders have a variety of ways to express prayer intentions, whether at church on Sunday, in a Journey Group or online during the week. When people indicate that they want others to join them in prayer, we email the request to our prayer team. If you would like to receive emails, not just to be informed, but to engage in sincere intercession, we'd love for you to join the team!

  • For some of us, mowing, weeding and snow removal is not only relaxing, but a true joy. If you are one of those people, we'd love to get you on the schedule to help with summer and/or winter groundskeeping needs. 

  • People need to know where to park, but they also need to see a friendly face as soon as they pull in. If you like to make people feel at home from the moment they drive onto the property, this may be the ministry for you!

  • Looking to serve, but not sure where to start? You should definitely check out SouthField Kids. We need to warn you though... once you join the team, you may not want to stop!